About Us

It has always been people’s nature to be curious with anything especially when something catches their attention. The same goes with songs, people, artists, music, movies and everything else. We tend to search for something we like and know more about them. When we like something, of course we have to know how to use them or what are their advantages and disadvantages. It’s just like how we like and admire artists and their music. We search for them and know information about them. How they became artists or singers, how their bands were formed, where they are from etc.

Though many people love the latest and trending songs these days, some are still curious and interested in those that became popular in the past. Just like every other artist known for their own music and unique genres, Peaking Lights is also known for its uniqueness and difference with others. They are described as psychedelic pop because they used this genre in their songs. But when their new album, Lucifer came out, the one that their son contributed to, they used another genre and created their songs in Cosmic Logic. Many people loved their album and their songs that is why we created this website.

Peaking Lights is dedicated to the music duo themselves. Our mission for creating this website is to let other people know about Peaking Lights’ songs, music, genre and other things about them. Many people are curious about this husband and wife duo that is why our purpose is to give you information, details and facts about them and their music, including their work in the music industry, how they were formed and how they created songs together.

We hope our website is a great help for people who are interested in the Peaking Lights and their music.