Are you interested in the Peaking Lights Songs and their band?

Are you interested in the Peaking Lights Songs and their band? You came to the right place because here, we have tons of information and details about Peaking Lights.

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This website is dedicated to the Peaking Lights who is popular and known for its unique music genre — psychedelic pop. Peaking Lights is a music duo of a husband and wife which was originally formed in 2008. In their third album Lucifer, their son Mikko contributed in vocals and helped them with producing it. Peaking Lights performed live a lot and even released its own self-titled album called Clearvoiant. They were also among the people that contributed in to The Flaming Lips’ ‘The Time Has Come To Shoot You Down’ and ‘What A Sound’, a reworking of the Stone Roses debut album in 2013. They really did well in psychedelic genre and songs in their prime days.

To give you a little bit of information about psychedelic pop, it is a subgenre of pop music in which psychedelic music is put and associated with pop songs. Trippy effects like tape manipulation, fuzz guitars, sitars, backward recordings and style harmonies of Beach Boy-style are included. When combined with pop, it creates such melodic songs with tight structures. This subgenre became popular in the late 1960s. Though this type of pop music is not known nowadays, it still left a deep impression to people who love music and is still considered one of the unique genres of all time.

Though they were described as psychedelic pop, Peaking Lights changed their music with Cosmic Logic on their album Lucifer. They were doing great with this music as well. Unlike many other artists, Peaking Lights created a great deal of music and special ones because they work together not just as a team but as husband and wife. To think that their son also contributed in their album is so amazing. To know more about them and their songs, music and works, check out our full website and read more about the Peaking Lights, their life as musicians and artists and the subgenre they commonly used in their songs. Be inspired with their unique songs and meaningful messages through music.