Is Peaking Lights still active in music industry? I want to know because I really like their music!

Yes, they are still creating and producing their own music. They released a song and an album last 2016 and they are making another album for 2017. You can be updated about their activities here in our website, if you want you can participate in the forums and ask more questions about them.

I want to know about Peaking Lights’ live shows, do they still perform live?

Peaking Lights still performs live in their shows from time to time. Though they aren’t as active as a few years ago, they are still working on their music and are still holding music performances and live shows. Be updated about their music shows through our website.

Can I still buy their album? Where can I find them?

Yes, it’s still available and you can still find their album in other stores such as Amazon and other music stores. To make it easier for you, buy albums of the Peaking Lights here on this website. Just message us regarding the album you want and we will send you payment information.

Can I find music reviews of the Peaking Lights here in your website?

Yes, in our forum section, people interact with one another and share their opinions about the Peaking Lights albums and songs. You can find fan reviews and their thoughts about the band and the music they create and produce. We hope you can participate and give your own thoughts as well.

Peaking Lights are great, I am wondering when they will come to other countries to hold music shows and live performances?

Though they are still active in music industry, the husband and wife duo of the Peaking Lights are busy with their own lives because they decided not to focus just on music. It might be impossible to get them to perform in other countries for now. But who knows, right? Just continue checking back here to be updated on their performances.